Lessons from the Learn and Launch Kick-off Workshops

What challenges do programs face on their path to growth and scale?

After five years of working with innovators, the Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) has brought many of these challenges to light. In September 2015, CHMI administered a survey to its network to uncover the “operational roadblocks” typically faced by health innovators. Common questions that emerged from the survey included:

How do you price your service for bottom of the pyramid consumers?

How do you recruit train and motivate your staff?

How do you understand your target market?

Through Learn and Launch, nine programs are working together to find answers to these questions. In November and December 2015, two regional cohorts came together in Nairobi and Mumbai to share challenges, brainstorm solutions, and work with peer organizations and mentors to design new solutions for rapid testing in their own organizations. We have collated these lessons and experiences into a workshop report, so that many more programs like yours can benefit from, and experiment with the ideas and insights generated at those meetings.

Key takeaways include:

  • Interrogate your assumptions about your target patient/customer—do you fully understand their decision making processes, expressed needs, and unexpressed needs?
  • When customers do not see value, they see price—brand value and perception is key
  • Every staff member has a role in an organization’s mission—remind them what it is and give them the right tools, training, and standard operating procedures to achieve it!
  • Product and processes must be one—people may like the product, but if the processes don’t work smoothly, you won’t make a sale


Read more insights on marketing, pricing and human resources generated during Learn and Launch by reading and downloading the full Kick-Off Workshops Report