MicroEnsure - Helping the poor weather life's storms

“When they get sick, when they don't have money, they're able to come and get service. Before the plan was started it was hard for them to come...but now, no one has to die at home because of lack of money,” said Dr. Felix Lyimo, of Uuwo Lutheran Dispensary, touting the positive change the MicroEnsure-PharmAccess partnership had brought to members of the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperative Union (KNCU) in the Kilimanjaro area of North Tanzania. This is an excerpt from just one of the several videos available on MicroEnsure's website detailing the relief that their organization has brought to individuals across the world.

The KNCU Health Plan from MicroEnsure on Vimeo.

MicroEnsure is an insurance intermediary that has designed and implemented insurance for the poor in low-and middle-income countries for over a decade. They operate in Ghana, India, Kenya, the Philippines, and Tanzania; and reach over 12 million people through dozens of organizations which range from NGOs to mobile phone companies. You can learn more about them and micro-insurance by checking out more of their videos, or by reading the CHMI profile of their health programs here!

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