Open Access

This week marks the 4th annual **[Open Access Week](**, a global initiative that promotes open access to information.

_" ‘Open Access’– the free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research, and the right to use and re-use those results as you need – has the power to transform the way research and scientific inquiry are conducted. It has direct and widespread implications for academia, medicine, science, industry, and for society as a whole."_

To celebrate Open Access Week, CHMI would like to highlight one of its major proponents, Juan Ramos. A health communications specialist based in Boston, MA, Ramos is promoting open access in the healthcare field through **[Access to Health Information](**, a blog that shines a spotlight on the latest research focused on the prevention of non-communicable and infectious diseases. Recent posts have covered topics such as the likely emergence of an HIV epidemic in the Philippines, the use of digital audio technology to improve HIV/AIDS education in Nigeria, and the need for better diabetes training for primary care providers in Brazil.

All articles featured in the blog are peer reviewed and available online free of charge. Looking for more open access research? Try these publishers: [BioMed Central](, [Global Journal of Health Sciences](, [Globalization and Health](, and the [Public Library of Science](