The Role of the Private Sector in Health Systems: Call for Papers

Nearly 60 percent of total health expenditure on health in low- and middle-income countries is private, rising above 80% in countries such as India, Pakistan, Guinea, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In light of this trend, program implementers are finding new ways to work to improve health for the poor. Implementers who are conducting research on program outcomes should consider submitting abstracts for the upcoming seminar on the Role of the Private Sector in Health Systems, to be held in July 2011 in Toronto.

As part of the biannual World Congress on Health Economics meeting, the [Private Sector in Health]( seminar will convene to discuss topics related to current themes.

Themes for the one-day seminar on the Private Sector in Health 2011 will include:

1. Paying for Private Care: The private sector and health financing
2. Good, Bad, or Indistinguishable: Quality of care in the private sector
3. Human Resources for Health and the Private Sector
4. The Private Sector Role in Overall Health System Policy
5. Juxtaposing Private Health Care in Rich and Poor Countries.

Abstracts can be submitted online [here]( All submissions are due by January 15, 2011 and limited to 500 words.