Share your affordable health innovation or program with the world!

The World Health Care Congress Affordable Innovations Global Initiative is accepting posters for a number of upcoming events!

Produced by global health care conference organization World Congress, the WHCC Affordable Health Innovations Global Initiative allows you to share your affordable health innovations and programs with a global audience.

There are two ways to promote your innovation:

(1) Display your content on the Health Innovations Web site

The site features electronic versions of “posters” that show how an innovative product or project works, including a brief summary of the project as well as any contact information you would like displayed. There is no cost to participate.

(2) Join us at an affordable health innovation poster exhibit at one of our conferences

The WHCC Affordable Health Innovations Global Initiative features special poster exhibits at many of World Congress events. The poster displays are integrated with the conference’s high-traffic networking areas. There is no registration cost to participate in a poster exhibit, and participants are granted full access to the accompanying health care conference. All participants will also have an electronic version of their poster displayed on the on the WHCC Health Innovations Web site. The poster presentations provide an excellent opportunity to network with others in the health innovations field and participants an our conferences who work in the health care industry.

Abstracts are being accepted for the upcoming programs:

The World Congress Leadership Summit on Creating Global Disruptive Business Innovations October 13-14, Boston

The World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress November 7-10, Alexandria, Va.

The World Health Care Congress Middle East December 5-7, 2010, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The WHCC Affordable Health Innovations Global Initiative was launched in 2009 as a poster exhibit at World Health Care Congress U.S., a global meeting of health care leaders aimed at sharing ideas on the best methods of improving health care. The poster exhibit has been featured at other World Health Care Congress programs. The program seeks to provide a vehicle for innovators and innovation seekers to meet, both online and at WHCC conferences. For more information, contact Program Director Patrick Golden at

CHMI’s Gina Lagomarsino will be speaking on creative financing models for innovations at the WHCC event in Boston, October 13-14.