SOCAP 16 Videos available online! CHMI at SOCAP16

If you didn't get the chance to attend this year's SOCAP Social Capital Markets conference in San Francisco, you can still tune in to many of the insightful presentations and hear about impact, innovation, and ideas for moving social capital businesses forward.

Data and continuous learning to drive operational change were hot topics of conversation. Panels featuring international funders (USAID’s Global Development Lab, Skoll Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, DFAT, UNICEF Innovations, Gates) discussed that a social enterprise’s ability to learn and grow was key in how they think about investments.  Impact investors highlighted that data shouldn’t be a burden, but rather a lean and integral tool to help shape decision-making and guide your core business. They also shared the need for tools to help entrepreneurs and investors prioritize impact measurement as they also push towards financial growth.

A full playlist of 63 videos is available for open access on YouTube, and contains entire sessions, interviews, and excellent presenters including a panel on “Pathways to Scale of Global Health Technologies”--check it out!