Survey Says...

Last month, we surveyed nearly 50 people attending the [Global Symposium on Health Systems Research]( in Montreux, Switzerland. We wanted to know what these systems-focused analysts thought should be a top priority among our research agenda options. Here are some highlights from the survey, which remains [open here](, if you also want to weigh in.

* In-depth analysis of emerging models was rated highest of possible analytical products including disease-specific briefs, program ratings, case studies and country health market profiles. Others suggested systematic reviews of programmatic approaches would be ideal.

* Of various metrics for program performance, including program scale, quality, affordability, efficiency, and equity, survey takers thought affordability should take top billing. Others suggested effectiveness and sustainability should be considered.

* What program models are understudied? Of 11 choices given in a list, government policies and regulation was the most popular selection, with telemedicine, low-cost/high-volume hospitals, and accreditation tied for second place.

* Now that CHMI has identified and documented details on more than 600 programs, what did survey takers want to do with these data? Most voted to download the entire database for analysis. 44% wanted to contact program implementers directly, and 40% said they would want to discuss particular model types, like social franchising, in dedicated forums.

The survey will help us prioritize analytical work, and it reaffirms our commitment to analyzing these emerging models for the benefit of the health systems research community.