Thank you

As 2010 comes to a close, we thank you for being an early adopter of CHMI’s interactive web platform. On the [diffusion of innovation curve](, you are at the forefront, and we've learned a lot from your advice about how this platform can best serve [its community](, funders, researchers and policy makers. We will put your suggestions to work in 2011. For now, we have some updates to share.

New at CHMI:

* Program highlight: CHMI’s database has grown by 40 programs in the past month, taking the [total to 640 programs]( One program recently identified is [Yarona Care](, which helps South Africans purchase and use vouchers to pay for health services directly through their mobile phones. Know of a program CHMI doesn’t profile? Submit it [here]( to help CHMI grow (Tip: Log in first, then click "Add a Program Profile).

* CHMI Badge for Programs: Is your program profiled on CHMI? Place a CHMI web badge on your organization's website to promote your CHMI profile. The badge is available on each program profile, like [Riders for Health](, and will link back to its CHMI profile from wherever it is placed.

* Embeddable iFrames: Any search on CHMI’s Programs database can now be captured and plugged into an external website. Just grab the code at the bottom of a search result to display a live Programs list or interactive map in a box on your own website. [See instructions here](

Calls for papers & your opinion sought:

* [Survey on vouchers]( Vouchers are one high-potential financing strategy to improve coverage of essential health services for the poor that CHMI identifies. In this survey, and CHMI seek your opinion on the advantages of establishing voucher programs as well as the barriers to doing so.

* Research survey: In case you [missed it](, we summarized results from a survey given at last month’s Global Symposium on Health Systems Researchers. Asked what health market program models were understudied, attendees were most likely to select telemedicine, high volume hospitals offering care at low prices, and government policies toward private providers. Researchers were also interested in ratings of programs for their affordability for the poor.

* Call for Papers: CHMI is now accepting proposals for a research study focused on the informal health marketplace. [Learn more here](

* Call for Abstracts: As part of the biannual World Congress on Health Economics, the Private Sector in Health seminar will focus on health financing, quality in the private sector, human resources, among other topics. Abstracts are due on January 11 and can be submitted [here](

On the horizon in 2011:

* New tools will allow web visitors to learn how the health marketplace functions in countries where CHMI’s partners are working.

* Registered CHMI users will be able to connect directly to program implementers.

* Look for a new highlight on programs with documented results that improve health, affordability, and efficiency.

Didn't get to weigh in yet? Tell us - in comments or [via email]( -- what features you want to see on this platform and what [analytical products]( would be useful.

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