Tips for Grant-Seekers

Looking to find funding for your health market innovation? A plethora of national and global donors are funding programs that are actively improving the health and financial protection of people worldwide. The CHMI team has recently combed through the [Funders Database]( to bring you the latest funding opportunities in global health.

**Grant Challenges Explorations**, an initiative of the [Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation](, is now accepting applications from researchers from all fields and levels of experience who can offer a fresh perspective on the global health fight. This round's focal topics include: designing new approaches to cure HIV, creating new technologies to improve the health of mothers and newborns, and developing low-cost cell phone-based applications for priority global health diseases, among others. The grant awards $100,000 to test early-stage projects. [Learn more]( about eligibility and the application process and apply soon! This round’s application deadline is November 2, 2010.

The **[Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation](**, the charitable arm of the Bristol-Myers Squibb bio-pharmaceutical company, is accepting applications from initiatives that help address health disparities in four key areas: HIV/AIDS in Africa, hepatitis in Asia, serious mental illness in the United States and cancer in central and eastern Europe. Interested? Review the application guidelines and [apply here](

The **[Conservation, Food & Health Foundation](** is looking to support preventative health programs that (1) improve public health through community-based efforts that address health promotion, disease prevention, family planning, and reproductive health, and/or (2) increase the understanding and treatment of tropical diseases. Learn more about the Foundation’s interest areas and [apply online]( The First Round application deadline is soon approaching - January 1, 2011.

Interested in learning more? Visit the [CHMI Funder Database]( and look out for upcoming funding updates.