Welcome new partners! (plus other exciting news)

The Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) is pleased to announce significant milestones within the first months of CHMI’s launch.

* CHMI’s online Programs database now features more than 620 programs in 105 countries.
* New [partner hubs](http://healthmarketinnovations.org/content/analytic-partners) in East Africa, South Asia, South East Asia and the Andean region will expand in-country mapping of programmatic and policy innovations aiming to improve health and financial protection for the poor. CHMI will now rigorously landscape for innovations in 16 countries.
* 5000 people from 121 countries have visited our web site, using the site for longer than 7 minutes in average.
* Writing from 8 countries, CHMI’s [bloggers](http://healthmarketinnovations.org/blog) have posted more than 40 updates about new programs, funding news, implementation challenges, research questions, and big, provocative ideas.

CHMI partners are identifying and documenting Health Market Innovations in their countries and region. [Find us in your region](http://healthmarketinnovations.org/content/analytic-partners) to learn more.