A Whole New World of Widgets!

Last week, we [proudly announced](http://healthmarketinnovations.org/blog/2010/dec/21/thank-you) the launch of our [CHMI Widgets]( http://healthmarketinnovations.org/web-tools)! Now, to follow up, we’d like to highlight another useful widget offered by [Knowledge for Health (K4Health)](http://www.k4health.org/k4h). This widget, found [here](http://www.k4health.org/k4health-toolkits-widget), offers a window into [K4Health’s eToolkits](http://www.k4health.org/toolkits) that can be embedded into any website.

K4Health’s eToolkits function as electronic libraries of resources on a particular health topics with content that is vetted and selected by technical experts. The toolkits are designed for health program managers, service providers, and policy makers and topics range from mHealth to condom use to food security. As an example of what these toolkits contain, in the [Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health eToolkit](http://www.k4health.org/toolkits/pc-mnh) one would find a powerpoint presentation explaining the use of Care Groups, a document explaining how to use the Gap Analysis Tool to develop a household to hospital continuum of care, a poster and fact sheet on preventing postpartum hemorrhage, and a manual for monitoring birth preparedness and complication readiness.

Check out these [eToolkits](http://www.k4health.org/toolkits) and put the [widget](http://www.k4health.org/k4health-toolkits-widget) on your website or blog!