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COFAS (Centros de Orientacion Familiar y Salud)

COFAS is a network of three hospitals that provide primary care, speciality care, and dentistry to poor and marginalized populations in Mexico.

Supply chain solution for Essential Care around the time of childbirth

ayzh develops and distributes low-cost appropriate technology designed to meet the unique needs of women in low-resource settings. Operating an innovative B2B business model that sells to health institutions, ayzh gains significant and scalable access to women, newborns and healthcare workers.

Tented Operating Theatre by IMPACT, Nepal

Nepal's rural populations face significant danger when it comes to access to surgical care. IMPACT Nepal has created portable, sterile, tented operating theatres in which volunteer surgeons are able to carry out ear and orthopaedic camps in these remote areas.

Elimentaire Sarl

Elimentaire sarl aims to combat malnutrition in Madagascar by selling a nutrient-rich food additive made from the leaves of the moringa tree in markets at the base of the economic pyramid. The company targets school children, rural villagers, and all customers who use flour or milk products. Elimen

Health 4 Life Nepal

The primary goal of H4L is to strengthen the Government of Nepal’s capacity to plan, manage and deliver high-quality and equitable family planning, maternal, newborn, and child health services. H4L activities directly address key health system constraints in the following areas: local health system

Mwayi wa Moyo (“A Chance to Live”) Project

In Malawi, government-supported community health workers—called health surveillance assistants (HSAs)—deliver a range of maternal, neonatal, and child health (MNCH) interventions in several community packages, each developed vertically and supported by a different department within the Ministry o

Marie Stopes International Yemen

Marie Stopes International Yemen (MSI Yemen) is a social enterprise delivering high quality family planning and reproductive health information and services to the women of Yemen. Since 1998 we have provided services to more than 1 million Yemenis.

Meningitis Vaccine Project

The Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP) is a partnership between PATH and the World Health Organization. The mission of the MVP is to eliminate meningitis as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa through the development, testing, introduction, and widespread use of conjugate meningococcal va

Mobile Clinic in Malawi (PIH and MOH)

Partners in Health Malawi was initiated in 2007 as Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo (APZU). PIH/APZU partners with Malawi’s Ministry of Health in the rural Neno district to provide comprehensive, community-based care to a catchment area of about 125,000 people. In October 2013, the program initiated a weekly mob

Malawi Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (MUSCCO)

Malawi Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (MUSCCO) is a member-based organization of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) operating throughout Malawi. MUSCCO was established in 1980 in order to facilitate and promote the sustainable growth and development of SACCOs through the provision of a diversified range of financial, technical, administrative, and other supportive services and products.

System Enhancement for Health Action Transition (SEHAT)

This project is designed to boost the service delivery under the System Enhancement for Health Action in Transition (SEHAT) in the Urozgan province. It is designed to support innovative actions, improve access and quality healthcare.

Quality Circles for Health

Quality Circles supports health workers and traditional birth attendants to develop peer learning, peer support, and joint problem solving skills.