Informal Providers

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NewDigm is a social enterprise committed to providing quality and affordable healthcare for populations living in rural and remote areas.

Global Emergency Care Collaborative

Global Emergency Care Collaborative is a registered non-profit organization that provides comprehensive training programs in emergency care to local community members in limited-resource, rural areas. GECC currently works in rural Uganda, Kenya, and Cambodia.


The program provides primary healthcare to remote Indian populations through the establishment of Rural Micro Health Centers (RMHC)in partnership with ICTPH. By providing a broad range of health services including cancer screenings, they can prevent medical emergencies.

The SureHealth Plan

The SureHealth Plan is a micro-health insurance plan under Total Health Trust Ltd for informal sector groups in the Lagos area. The Plan is specifically targeted at economically active, organized informal sector vocational/social groups or associations who are not typically covered.


LifeWrap is a device used by the Safe Motherhood Program to train health care providers in the prevention and treatment of obstetric haemorrhage. In order to help thousands of women giving birth, the programme implements LifeWrap in clinics and hospitals in low-resource countries.

Patient-Centered Treatment of Tuberculosis in Tanzania

The Patient Centered TB Treatment initiative aims to improve access to TB treatment through a Patient-Centered Treatment (PCT) approach via a country-wide drug donation from Novartis.


BasicNeeds is an international NGO working to make change on the issue of mental illness & epilepsy in developing countries. By working in partnership with mentally ill people, BasicNeeds has built a unique & effective model for recovery and sustained good mental health.

Boma la Mama

Boma la Mama complements Tanzania's maternity health service by running and funding a parallel clinic--thus helping to alleviating the overcrowding at public hospitals--and offering an education program that provides Tanzanian midwives with equipment and up-to-date training on maternity care.

Cambodian Medicinal Plants Project

The Cambodian Medicinal Plants project has been initiated and implemented since 1997 by NOMAD Recherche Soutien International (NOMAD RSI) to improve the health conditions of the indigenous people in the Mondulkiri province.

Community-Based Response to HIV/AIDS (COMBAR-AIDS)

Community-Based Response to HIV/AIDS (COMBAR-AIDS) is a project whose approach focuses on mobilizing and collaborating with various stakeholders to help HIV/AIDS communities increase their individual health care purchasing power.

Ayod Community Health Teams

Ayod Community Health Team of Ifugao was conceptualized by the Provincial Government of Ifugao in 2008 with the attempt to localize the Department of Health’s Women’s Health Team.

AIDS Barefoot Doctors (ABD)

AIDS Barefoot Doctors (ABD) contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty and AIDS in rural villages in Kenya. ABDs are not physicians, but community members/health workers who become leaders and provide home-based care and group therapy and education to people living with HIV/AIDS.