Adapting What Works In Primary Care: A Getting Started Resource for Program Managers

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The latest guide from CHMI summarizes the learnings and active ingredients identified through the Primary Care Adaptation Partnership. Developed in collaboration with the participating programs, this guide builds off the knowledge they’ve accumulated over years of providing health care for the poor. The program managers ‘opened their playbooks’ to share how they work to improve care delivery, and how they’ve grown their business models.

Program managers can use the resource guide to examine specific challenges in improving quality and access in primary care. The resource guide shares actionable tips to get started on a variety of ‘active ingredients,’ including:

  • Task shifting for quality improvement; helping address gaps in care delivery
  • Standardizing care delivery with operational tools; providing protocols and data-dashboards to audit clinical processes
  • Logistics technologies to improve access; reducing supply chain costs of medicines through better operations


Programs in the CHMI network have demonstrated that innovative ideas can be adapted across geographic and cultural borders. Thanks to the participating organizations’ commitment to transparency and collaboration, lessons learned in primary care delivery over years of testing and adaptation can be shared widely through CHMI and other channels.