Aurobindo Child Hospital Case Study

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Aurobindo Child hospital is in Dinajpur town nearly 350 kilometers northwest from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. The hospital is built on the land of Sri Aurobindo’s ashram.

Aurobindo Child Hospital, Dinajpur, received land from Aurobindo Ashram for this novel initiative. A number of dedicated social activists established this hospital in 1987 with help of the ashram committee, district administration and a group of volunteers, local elites and doctors. There was no childcare hospital as such in this district or even the neighboring districts. Initially, it started operating as a free outpatient service in a small room. Two or three dedicated doctors came forward to provide voluntary health care services to neonates and children. As of today, there are three or four famous pediatric doctors who extend voluntary support to this hospital. On a weekly roster basis they provide services to children during their own working hours. The doctors do not charge the children or the hospital any fee. Further, they facilitate the process of sustainability. This group of dedicated doctors is the key resource for this hospital. In addition, the hospital has other dedicated employees including the Medical staff who work with a lower remuneration than the market rate.