The Banyan Case Study

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Founded in 1993 as a shelter and transit home for homeless mentally ill women, ‘The Banyan’ is an organization that cares for mentally ill women who have wandered from their homes across the country and ended up in the streets of Chennai, India. It germinated out of the conviction that even the homeless mentally ill have a right to timely treatment and a chance to a better future. It provides these women with a safe shelter, care, medical attention, and a supportive environment to enable them to recover and to take responsibility for their lives again. Today it has changed the lives of over 5,000 people by providing services to support them in reaching their definition of recovery.

‘The Banyan’ provides a full range of services such as prevention, access to care, rehabilitation, community awareness, policy advocacy and research. These services are required to get a mentally ill person, and his/her family back on track with their lives and bring a change in the social mindset.