CEMOPLAF Ecuador Case Study

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Centro Médico de Orientación y Planificación Familiar (Medical Center for Family Planning and Education or CEMOPLAF) is a private organization operating in the mountainous region of Ecuador with 37 years of experience in the field of sexual and reproductive health. CEMOPLAF’s main objective is to facilitate access to educational services regarding sexual and reproductive health awareness and prevention to the poorest populations in the country, and especially to women and youth. CEMOPLAF is focused on reaching indigenous and other marginalized communities and works directly with community leaders to improve services and attract clients.

CEMOPLAF currently operates 26 semi-­‐urban and rural health centers in 11 provinces and employs a staff of 342, including health professionals and administration. Initially founded to serve women of reproductive age with family planning services, the community came to depend on CEMOPLAF clinics to provide a wide range of services from basic healthcare screenings to psychological services. Services are still geared toward women (90% of clients), with family planning and gynecology accounting for 57% of care.