CHMI Highlights: 2012

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This is the second annual edition of Highlights, with new observations about health market innovations around the world.

Since we launched the Center for Health Market Innovations in 2010, we’ve been providing comprehensive, up-to-date information about programs working to make quality healthcare delivered by private organizations affordable and accessible to the world’s poor. We seek to identify practices that, if scaled-up or adapted to new settings, would improve healthcare for more poor people. And with renewed support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, continued support from the Rockefeller Foundation, and new funding from UKaid, we are setting our sights even higher.

What's new in Highlights: 2012

  • Highlights of 80 newly launched programs in the past year, including a Somaliland pharmacy franchise and a Kenyan call center, on page 8.
  • Insight into cutting-edge approaches to increase access to quality healthcare for the poor, including business models adopted by fast-growing primary healthcare franchises and chains, mobile healthcare, and programs striving to improve maternal health care, starting on page 13.
  • A framework for reporting on program performance in key dimensions like quality, cost, and efficiency; selected results from a sample of close to 150 health programs, on page 28.
  • Findings about how ehealth practices are diffusing globally from our recent publication in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization—the #1 most clicked-on article from a dedicated issue on information technology—on page 24. 

Other milestones from CHMI’s past year 

  • CHMI now profiles more than 1200 nonprofits, social enterprises, public-private partnerships, and policies in 105 countries. More than 200 profiles have been added since our last report. See a visualization of our database on page 10.
  • In the past year, more than 100,000 unique visitors used CHMI to explore healthcare innovations.
The majority of web visitors arrived from low- and middle-income countries, with India, the Philippines, Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Uganda in the top 10 countries for visitor origin.
  • Our partners in the Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, and elsewhere in CHMI’s global network have led the way in convening people who are implementing, studying, and funding market-based health programs. Highlights from these events start on page 32.
  • To understand how CHMI is used and how it can be improved, the Gates Foundation commissioned a midterm survey of program managers, donors, investors, researchers, and policy makers. Turn to page 38 to view a summary of the findings.