Clinical Social Franchising Compendium 2012

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The fourth annual compendium of clinical social franchise programs has been compiled following the groundbreaking First Global Conference on Social Franchising, which was held in Mombasa, Kenya in November 2011. For the first time, franchise implementers profiled in this document came together to share experiences and lessons learned about franchised health clinics and services around the world. There are 52 franchises profiled in this compendium, including new programs from Indonesia, Mozambique, the Philippines, Somaliland, Sudan, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. The data included was self-reported by the franchises in the first quarter of 2012 and edited by the Global Health Group.

During 2011, the social franchising community of practice supported an effort to encourage social franchises worldwide to implement quality measurement initiatives. Through this program, a baseline of what quality measurement systems are in place in franchise programs around the world was established and a collection of methods and tools used for quality supervision within franchises today was made publicly available. The key components of those quality assurance systems are highlighted in each profile featured in this compendium.