Fundación Futuro, Ecuador Case Study

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Fundación Futuro (the Foundation) works with local community organizations in Ecuador to create sustainable health programs systems in underserved rural and urban villages. Since 2000, the organization has created five community health programs in different regions of Ecuador. Each program includes a community health insurance plan, an affiliated health center with primary and specialty care, and health promotion programs. Families can join the health program by paying a $0.50 monthly affiliation fee, and gain access to general and preventative medicine, dentistry, and obstetrics care, and in some cases natural medicine, physical therapy, and mental health care. Affiliated families pay $0.50 cents for medical visits, and receive at 15% discount on medicines. Community members who do not pay the monthly affiliation fee may also use the health center, but must pay more for visits and medicine. With this input each community is able to create a mutual fund, administered by an elected community member, which allows their clinics to be self-­‐sustained.