Health care at Rohingya Refugee Camp Case Study

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UNHCR continues its protection and assistance program for refugees of Myanmar's northern Rakhine State, and small numbers of refugees and asylum-­‐seekers in urban areas. Despite tangible improvements in recent years, the living conditions of the refugees still do not meet minimum international standards. UNHCR continues to assist in meeting basic needs in education, health, nutrition, sanitation, shelter and self-­‐reliance, in anticipation of durable solutions.

In collaboration with the government and other partners, UNHCR aims to improve the situation of the host population and the unregistered population from Myanmar, mainly through community-­‐based support. Research Training and Management (RTM) International has joined hands with UNHCH to work towards community management, health care, education and capacity development of the refugees. A committed group of staff work in the camps supported by technical professionals from RTM headquarters at Dhaka.