Innovating for Every Woman, Every Child - Thematic Report

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The Global Campaign for the Health Millennium Development Goals was launched at the Clinton Global Initiative by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg of Norway and a group of world leaders in September 2007. The campaign brings together actions and initiatives with the common aim of fulfilling the promises for development – the eight Millennium Development Goals – made by world leaders 11 years ago.

This thematic report, Innovating for Every Woman, Every Child, is published in support of the Every Woman, Every Child joint effort initiated by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. It is the first thematic report in a series from the Global Campaign that is intended to be both practical and inspirational. It has been produced in co-operation with the Innovation
Working Group created by the Secretary-General in April 2010 to support the Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health announced at the United Nations special session in September 2010.