Involving Private Practitioners in Tuberculosis Control: Issues, Interventions, and Emerging Policy Framework

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The findings of the assessment and the emerging framework were discussed and debated by a group of experts in a meeting in Geneva in August 2000. The participants included private practitioners, TB programme managers, policy makers and researchers working on the issue of what is called public-private mix (PPM) for TB control. The group shared field
experiences, considered the findings of the assessment, and reached a consensus on recommendations to be made to World Health Organization and National Tuberculosis Programmes on involvement of private practitioners in their efforts to control TB. These recommendations are incorporated into the document. 

This document is being published with a clear purpose. It is to share available knowledge and experiences on the subject with policy makers and national and local TB programme managers and make recommendations of experts available to them.We hope that on the basis of these, locally appropriate ways of involving private practitioners in DOTS implementation will be tried out and documented. This will help create an evidence-base for achieving an effective PPM for TB control. Such an evidence-base will also help delineate more concrete guidelines that may be published subsequently.