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Mental, neurological, and substance abuse disorders affects all community and age groups across the globe, including high-income countries. According to the WHO, while 14% of the global burden of disease is attributed to these disorders, most of the people affected- 75% in low-income countries- are unable to access treatment.

CHMI profiles over 20 mental health programs, many working in post conflict settings to provide access to treatment and quality care. From provider training to mobile counseling and hotlines, CHMI profiled programs are implementing innovative techniques to reach the most underserved communities.

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Program Map

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Wayo-Nero Strategy

Wayo-Nero ("Aunt-Uncle") is a community-led strategy using lay workers (Wayos and Neros) to liaise between biomedical and traditional healers in the local community. The strategy is being implemented between October 2012 and October 2015 in an attempt to address the global challenge of providing eff

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