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Nigeria is now the largest economy in Africa and the 26th largest in the world. However, despite its economic success, poverty levels have stayed high with 70% of Nigerians live below the poverty line. Extending healthcare to Nigeria’s large and diverse population is an enormous challenge. Persistent instability, weak infrastructure, and low government capacity prevent health services from reaching society’s most vulnerable. According to 2012 estimates by the World Health Organization, approximately 70% of Nigeria’s health care expenditures originate from the private sector. In the midst of these trends, innovators across the country are designing new methods to reach more Nigerians with quality, affordable care.

One of the major trends among the CHMI Nigerian programs is the use of information communication technology (ICT) to enhance processes. The tech market is booming in Nigeria, contributing almost 8% to the country’s recent GDP boost. Not surprisingly, nearly half of the programs in the CHMI database incorporate ICT. Both Learning about Living and My Question and My Answer use ICT to engage youth about HIV/AIDS and reproductive and sexual health. eHealth Nigeria has developed electronic health solutions to overcome obstacles of conflict and weak infrastructure in Northern Nigeria. Its health information management systems were specifically developed for hot, humid, and dusty environments with little or no electricity access and were intended for use by healthcare workers with limited technical knowledge. The results have been promising, and the program has already expanded into Cameroon. For a more in depth report on the trends of profiled programs in Nigeria, see the full Database At A Glance: Nigeria.

CHMI collaborates with the Regional Innovation Partner, Solina Health, to identify, analyze, and connect promising innovations emerging in Nigeria. As a global healthcare consulting group, Solina Health applies proven business methods to ensure sustainable impact on health systems and to optimize health outcomes.

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Hygeia Community Health Plan (HCHP)

The Hygeia Community Health Plan (HCHP) offers health insurance to a total target group of approximately 177,500 people, 67,500 in Lagos and 110,000 in Kwara State. Per July 2010, over 60,000 people were enrolled in the scheme.

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