45 Related Programs


Wild4Life started as an HIV/AIDS program in Zimbabwe, but has expanded to building rural health systems throughout sub-Saharan African countries. Piloting rural health clinics, monitoring health needs of rural populations and developing local partnerships has dramatically improved health outcomes.

Gradian Health Systems

Gradian Health Systems is a nonprofit social enterprise that equips hospitals around the world to deliver anaesthesia safely and provide quality surgical care. Our Universal Anaesthesia Machine was designed to operate in settings with unreliable electricity and a lack of compressed medical gases.


MomConnect seeks to register all pregnant women, ensure that they visit an antenatal clinic, and provide them with information about pregnancy, birth, and care of an infant.

Malamulele Onward

Malamulele Onward is a non-governmental organization established in 2006 that provides rehabilitation services to children affected by cerebral palsy in remote and rural areas. They also provide training to support caregivers and parents of children affected.

Flying for Life

Flying for life seeks to use air transport in order to provide sustainable community development solutions through our partnerships with NPOs, doctors, Early Childhood Development (ECD) specialists and other professionals


OCSA Care is an occupational healthcare product that provides a comprehensive, basic, day to day medical plan to workers who do not earn enough to afford medical aid and enlists doctors, dentists, optometrists, radiologists and pathologists who provide services to members at low costs.

Powerfree Education Technology

In response to the growing need to improve newborn health outcomes in developing countries Powerfree Education Technology develops teaching tools and technological devices that are affordable, durable and energy independent that can be used in resources deprived settings.

Hello Doctor

South Africa has 9 million consumers that are unemployed, uninsured and with limited healthcare.Hello Doctor's online subscription service and media platform seeks to fill this gap by providing access to healthcare information using first world clinical protocols facilitated by medical doctors.

Phelophepha Healthcare Train

Phelophepa Healthcare train has 19 coaches, fully equipped to provide dental, eye and primary health care examinations and treatment which also includes cancer, diabetes and hypertension screening and education rotating throughout the country for 35 weeks.

Medical Diagnostech

Medical Diagnostech is Cape Town based company that manufactures low cost quality diagnostic kits with high sensitivity and specificity for malaria, pregnancy and drug abuse. These devices are easy to use, affordable and accessible ideal for low income settings faced with malaria and drug abuse.

Mhealth training for Nurses and Midwives

Bettercare provides learning material to government and private hospitals and not-for-profit organisations in South Africa, Africa, and other developing countries in Asia and the Middle East.


Kheth'Impilo specialises in solution development and implementation for health and community systems and services strengthening in marginalised communities. The comprehensive Health care solutions include treatment, care and support for people infected and affected with HIV and TB.