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INRUD Improve Adherence to Antiretroviral Treatment (INRUD-IAA)

The International Network for Rational Use of Drugs (INRUD) was established to design, test, and disseminate effective strategies to improve the way drugs are prescribed, dispensed, and used, with a particular emphasis on resource poor countries.

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Afghanistan Health Policy Project

The Health Policy Project builds and strengthens the capacity of government to design, negotiate, and manage hospital public-private partnerships (PPPs), and the capacity of local private sector organizations to partner with the government in the delivery of high-quality health services.

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FHI 360 Cardiovascular Disease and HIV Integration

This pilot program offers cardiovascular disease screening to people who come into healthcare facilities for HIV prevention and treatment services.

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Strengthening Communities Response to HIV/AIDS (SCORE) - Umutara

SCORE program works with Ministry of Heath Rwanda at the District level as they implement the HIV-AIDs awareness as well as strengthening the underprivilage on how to over come the epidemic. They also look to improve family planning, maternal health as well as general primary health care.

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Kuraneza program

The Kuraneza (good growth) is a public-private program that is at its pilot stage. The program looks at ways of developing new policies that will emphasize community health, and early child development

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