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Unified Accreditation System

The Unified Accreditation System was created under Law 100, which extended universal health coverage for public and private health services, to improve quality and regulate the growing private medical sector.

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BIVE is a health insurance scheme which targets low income populations to make quality healthcare services more affordable and accessible.

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FXBVillage Model

FXBVillage methodology brings the extreme poor to self-sufficiency in three years by simultaneously tackling the five drivers of poverty: lack of nutrition, health, education, housing, and income.

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Projeto CIES (Center of Education and Health Integration)

Projeto CIES uses mobile clinics, such as trucks and vans that are supplied with medical equipment and trained healthcare professionals, to bring high quality specialized care to patients with limit access to healthcare.

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ClickMedix is a mobile social enterprise used throughout the world to connect patients and physicians quickly. ClickMedix aims to reduce wait time, enable access to affordable healthcare, and to facilitate health organizations for remote diagnoses.

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1Doc3 is a free mobile app where anyone can post medical questions to doctors throughout Mexico 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.

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Ubiquo Telemedicina

Ubiquo Telemedicina is a web platform that seeks to strengthen health linkages for patients, providers, and administrators. This organization also seeks to scale-up the use of telemedicine products to enhance the efficiency of diagnosis in hospitals.

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LentesPlus delivers contact lenses at 30% less than market rates and delivers within 1-2 days (especially in cities). LentesPlus also donates glasses to "children in need" for each box of contact lenses purchased.

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General System of Social Security in Health (Colombia)

In 1993, Colombia reformed the organization of its health financing activities. The first change involved unifying the existing social security, public, and private financing institutions under the umbrella of the General System of Social Security in Health.

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Dentista do Bem

In 2002 Turma do Bem was founded, an organization that aims to change society’s perception of oral health, by providing children access to dental care. It also shows dentists the social and environmental impacts of their activities.

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ParaLife delivers microinsurance products and other financial protection to low-income populations and persons with disabilities. Through its platform and product suite, ParaLife provides turnkey, scalable solutions to financial and retail partners that want to reach the poor.

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