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VisionSpring works to provide affordable eyeglasses to tens of thousands of poor customers across the developing world, while simultaneously providing sustainable jobs and access to vision care in the world's poorest, most remote communities.

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Solar Suitcase

We Care Solar designs solar-powered systems to meet essential maternity care needs. We Care Solar Suitcases are designed to be safe, robust and efficient in powering: critical obstetric and surgical lighting, mobile phones, fetal heart rate monitors, and essential medical devices.

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Total Market Approach (TMA) for Family Planning

PATH has worked with governments in Nicaragua and Vietnam to develop operational plans for public-sector contraceptive distribution to targeted market segments. It has also strengthened public-private dialogue around family planning service delivery and collaborates actively with the private-sector.

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Reliefwatch is a cloud based medical supply and disease tracking platform that uses automated voice calls and simple mobile phones. The system provides real-time data to reduce medical stock outs and expirations and the ability to track diseases so that an outbreak doesn’t become an epidemics.

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Central American Health Institute

Central American Health Institute (ICAS) is a non-governmental organization based in Nicaragua and dedicated to improving the quality of life of the regional population and especially of the poorest and most vulnerable groups.

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RxGen Pharmacy Project

RxGen model works with young people to reduce their risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections by making it easier for them to get the health information and products they need. Their point of contact is the pharmacy, which is more accessible than a health care clinic.

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X Out TB

X Out TB seeks to reduce the necessity of daily health worker monitoring of TB patients by using urinalysis tests strips and cell phones to remotely confirm adherence to medication.

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Seguro Facultativo de Salud (Nicaraguan Social Security Institute)

In January 2007, the government of Nicaragua initiated a demonstration project that extended the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute’s (INSS’) health insurance program to informal sector workers using microfinance institutions (MFIs) as delivery channels.

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Red Segura Nicaragua

Red Segura (meaning "safe network" in Spanish) is a network of medical clinics that provide gynecological and family planning services of high quality at affordable prices, which seeks to expand the supply of services through training certification meeting quality standards with warmth.

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