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Aarogyasri Community Health Insurance Scheme

Aarogyasri is state-financed and targets individuals living below the poverty line. Beneficiaries have access to numerous modern medical facilities and are navigated through the health care system by Aarogya Mithras, or patient advocates, hired to oversee each in-network hospital

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CARE Hospitals

CARE is one of the fastest growing hospital chains in India, engaged in providing primary as well as tertiary healthcare services.

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Manipal Hospitals

Manipal is one of the largest healthcare groups in India with 15 hospitals, including 8 teaching hospitals, 9 Primary Care Clinics and 55 Community Health programmes. Manipal Hospitals provide treatment for all diseases.

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Advanced Radiological Services in Government Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh

This Public Private Partnership was initiated by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, in consultation with the IFC, in order to provide radiology services in the state's government-run tertiary care centers in partnership with G E Healthcare.

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MeraDoctor lets people chat directly with a trained, licensed doctor through an Android app (like WhatsApp with a doctor). We are the #3 ranked medical app in India. Our patient base is growing 10% per week. Doctors are now joining the platform to earn extra money and build their reputation.

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Vaatsalya Hospitals

Vaatsalya is a for-profit chain of hospitals and clinics which aims to provide quality healthcare to semi-urban and rural areas.

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