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RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital

RG Stone Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital is a super speciality Urology hospital established in 1986.

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MedPlus (India)

A medical doctor by training and an entrepreneur by nature, Dr. Gangadi set out to establish a company that would take the risk out of buying medicines. The result was MedPlus, an organization dedicated to combating counterfeit medicine in India.

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Dream Trust

Dream Trust offers comprehensive health care to type 1 insulin dependent, underprivileged diabetics, especially children. The program has a particular focus on providing care to diabetic girls.

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Institute of Preventive Cardiology

IPC Heart Care Centre was founded by Dr. Pratiksha with an objective of preventing heart attacks, reducing the incidence of coronary artery disease, and eradicating premature deaths and disability due to heart disease, an illness that kills roughly 2500 people per day.

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Biocon Foundation - Mobile Early Detection and Prevention of Oral Cancer (mEDPOC)

Mobile Early Detection and Prevention of Oral Cancer (mEDPOC) is a technology based program developed by Biocon Foundation for oral cancer screening and prevention. The primary beneficiary includes disadvantaged sections of the society who have limited access to healthcare resources .

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Swasth Health Centres (Swasth Foundation)

Swasth is a network of self-sustaining health centers located in slums that provides quality & affordable primary healthcare services to India's urban poor. Supported by a Community Outreach Program and a referral network, they act as gateway to comprehensive health services.

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Healthspring is a network of seven owned primary health centres and over 50 affiliated emergency care providers in Mumbai. It provides care to middle and upper middle class urban families, thus reducing the need for complicated and expensive tertiary care.

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