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Mitrais Medical Suite (MMS) Hospital Information System for Public Hospitals

MMS-HIS includes non-clinical and clinical information functions and features that support clinical decision support software (CDSS) and capacity by identifying drug interaction. The features include the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), and e-prescription.

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The John Fawcett Foundation Mobile Eye Clinics

The John Fawcett Foundation Mobile Eye Clinics offers free cataract surgery to low-income people in Bali especially those who live in remote villages.

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Health[e]Foundation aims to enrich and update the skills of practicing health workers using blended learning, a method of learning that combines conventional classroom teaching methods with independent learning via e-learning methods.

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Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Clinic, Pasar Badung, Bali

Established in January 2004, the sexual and reproductive health clinic based in Pasar Badung (traditional market) has provided medical assistance and health education for female visitors, labourers and communities who reside in the Pasar Badung area.

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