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The Family Clinic

Kusuma Buana Foundation (KBF) is a private non-profit that provides low-cost family clinics for urban communities.

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Mitrais Medical Suite (MMS) Hospital Information System for Public Hospitals

MMS-HIS includes non-clinical and clinical information functions and features that support clinical decision support software (CDSS) and capacity by identifying drug interaction. The features include the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), and e-prescription.

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e-Prescription System for Community Healthcare

The e-prescription system was to support patient and drug data recording, retrieving and reporting, as well as to minimize the possible medication errors through improved prescribing process. A recently completed several month pilot has been used to guide further development activities.

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E-prescription For Community Health Center

The application of e-prescription in community health centers Babakan Sari, Bandung, West Java is said to be the first in Indonesia. This application takes place through cooperation of Padjadjaran University and Institute Technology of Bandung, Indonesia.

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Rumah ASI: Exclusive Breast Feeding Peer Support Group

Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia (Indonesian Lactating Mother Association/AIMI) is a voluntary peer support group established by mothers to mothers.

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Saving Newborn Lives 2 Program (SNL2)

The Saving Newborn Lives program helps in the development of health services effective for decreasing the mortality rate of infants between the ages of 0-28 days. SNL2 Indonesia is examines the feasibility of providing quality Essential Newborn Care services in low resource settings.

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Prosmiling Terpadu

Prosmiling Terpadu consists of a mobile clinic will travels to rural areas to deliver primary care services, along with maternity care, growth screening for toddlers, dental care, and more.

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