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Nigerian Community-Based Health Insurance

Households enrolled in the community based health insurance scheme pay premiums into a fund. The scheme pays the government for the use of facilities. Healthcare providers offer health care services to the scheme members as well as provider subsidies to health care providers in the form of salaries.

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e-Analysis is a smart patients monitoring & analysing device which is used to collect vital information from patients through their phones with the help of a mobile application.The collected information is sent to a data centre for analysis & monitoring for unnoticeable & sudden changes.

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Learning About Living

Learning about Living aims help inform and engage young people in Nigeria on issues around sexual health, HIV and AIDS, maternal morbidity and gender violence through a mobile and online platform.

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SaferMom is a social enterprise that addresses the high maternal and infant mortality crises in Nigeria. SaferMom delivers vital health information to new and expectant mothers using interactive, personalized low cost mobile technologies, including SMS and voice calls in the local languages.

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Medpax Disposable Birth Delivery Kit

Medpax are disposable birth delivery kits that provides women with low cost, safe, clean, and hygienic child birth delivery solutions irrespective of where she delivers: at war, home, volatile settings or away from home without risk of infection/complications thereby saving lives of mothers/children

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