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APROPO's mission is to promote a culture of reproductive health with free and responsible sexuality. APROPO focuses its activities on sexual health, which includes reproductive health, family planning, and the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

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Socios En Salud

Socios En Salud Sucursal Peru (SES) is part of the international nonprofit Partners in Health (PIH). While supporting national programs to combat TB and HIV, SES has maintained and expanded a wide range of primary care and social support services in the shantytowns of Lima.

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The program uses a participatory multi-sector decentralized approach to address the spread of TB in areas of Peru by establishing centers throughout the country specifically designed for TB care, providing capacity training and adequate infrastructure, and mobilizing community support.

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Since 1976, the nongovernmental organization, INPPARES (Peruvian Institute of Responsible Fatherhood), has worked to improve the quality of life of the Peruvian people, especially those disadvantaged socially and economically, through an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health.

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Peruvian League to Fight Against Cancer (LPLC)

The Peruvian League to Fight Against Cancer is a private, charitable and non-profit institution, with an ongoing commitment to fighting cancer, saving lives and decreasing the suffering from this disease.

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MeTA - Peru

The objectives are to improve access to medicines in developing nations by strengthening transparency and accountability in the management and marketing of medicines, as well as to promote alliances between government, private sector and civil society organizations.

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