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PSI/Benin was founded in 1992 to help prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

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Meningitis Vaccine Project

The Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP) is a partnership between PATH and the World Health Organization. The mission of the MVP is to eliminate meningitis as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa through the development, testing, introduction, and widespread use of conjugate meningococcal va

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Association d'Entraide des Femmes (AssEF)

Association d'Entraide des Femmes (AssEF) is a voluntary health microinsurance provided by a microfinance institution using the mutual model.

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Benin's National Health Insurance (RAMU)

The National Health Insurance (RAMU), when launched, will initially cover hospitalizations, pharmaceuticals and more for those in the formal sector. It will then expand to the informal sector.

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Affordable Medicines Facility - Malaria (AMFm)

The Affordable Medicines Facility–Malaria is an innovative financing mechanism designed to expand access to the most effective treatment for malaria, artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs).

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ProFam, Benin

Protection de la Famille (ProFam) is a clinical franchise that aims to improve the quality and accessibility of and increase the demand for family planning services in the private sector.

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VaxTrac deploys mobile biometric-based vaccination registries in developing countries to reduce vaccine wastage and to prevent millions of avoidable deaths by maximizing the effectiveness of their vaccination programs.

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L'Union Communale des Groupements Mutualistes

L'Union Communale des Groupements Mutualistes is a voluntary, health mutual.

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Nutrition at the Center

Nutrition at the Center uses an integrated approach to maternal and child nutrition to develop, document and disseminate highly effective and efficient integrated approaches that substantially improve nutritional outcomes for mothers and children in resource poor areas.

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Breath of Life

The program focuses on strengthening the quality of newborn care in low-resource settings.. By providing appropriate medical devices and staff training, ensures these facilities can save the lives of infants suffering from common and easily treatable newborn conditions.

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Gradian Health Systems

Gradian Health Systems is a nonprofit social enterprise that equips hospitals around the world to deliver anaesthesia safely and provide quality surgical care. Our Universal Anaesthesia Machine was designed to operate in settings with unreliable electricity and a lack of compressed medical gases.

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