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Bambisanani Project

This public-private initiative aims to assist disadvantaged communities to respond to AIDS-related needs for care and support.

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Public Private Mix for Tuberculosis, Malaria and Reproductive Health

The Public Private Mix (PPM) is a model that has been initiated and implemented by Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) Cambodia to enhance the quality of health care services, by strengthening providers’ capacity and linkages between the public and private sector.

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Telerad RxDx

Telerad RxDx is a clinic that aims to offer affordable, high quality primary care. Although currently operating out of only one clinic, the organization hopes to establish facilities across India.

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MeraDoctor lets people chat directly with a trained, licensed doctor through an Android app (like WhatsApp with a doctor). We are the #3 ranked medical app in India. Our patient base is growing 10% per week. Doctors are now joining the platform to earn extra money and build their reputation.

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Alive and Thrive

Alive & Thrive is a five-year (2009-2013) initiative to improve infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices by increasing rates of exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) and improving complementary feeding practices.

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SMS For Life

The SMS for Life initiative is a 'public-private' project that harnesses everyday technology to eliminate stock-outs and improve access to essential medicines in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Swasth Health Centres (Swasth Foundation)

Swasth is a network of self-sustaining health centers located in slums that provides quality & affordable primary healthcare services to India's urban poor. Supported by a Community Outreach Program and a referral network, they act as gateway to comprehensive health services.

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Greenstar Social Marketing Pakistan (Guarantee) Limited is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization devoted to improving quality of life amongst low income people of Pakistan, especially in the areas of family planning and reproductive healthcare services.

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Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP)

The Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) trains community health promoters who undertake door to door sales of health and hygiene products and provide health information.

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Healthy Entrepreneurs

Healthy Entrepreneurs distributes high quality and affordable essential health products, services and information enhancing the health of people in developing countries. HE organizes an end-to-end supply chain to local entrepreneurs, who run a pharmacy or drugstore, and health facilities.

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