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Roko Cancer Campaign

Roko Cancer Campaign, an initiative aimed at early detection and awareness of cancers, funds mobile units to educate women and screen for breast, cervical and oral cancers throughout India.

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Medishare Africa Mobile Telemedicine Clinics Project

The Mobile Telemedicine Clinic Project will utilize satellite communications to connect medical staff running a mobile clinic in rural areas of Kenya with specialized doctors in urban areas.

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G.V. Meditech Ltd

G.V. Meditech is a provider of high quality and affordable healthcare to patients in Uttar Pradesh and the surrounding areas. The company, which is based in Varanasi, has begun expansion into semi-urban and rural areas through the establishment of 25-55 bed secondary hospitals.

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Distance Healthcare Advancement (DISHA)

The DISHA (Distance Healthcare Advancement) project is an initiative of Apollo Hospitals, Philips, Indian Space Research Organization and the Dhan Foundation. The goal of DISHA is to deliver high-quality, low-cost diagnostics and care to low-income rural communities.

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ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital

The ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital is literally a hospital with wings that brings together dedicated eye care professionals and aviators to give the gift of sight to developing countries around the world.

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