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Bloemfontein Hospitals Public Private Partnership

Netcare, one of South Africa's largest private hospital groups, and the Free State Department of Health signed in 2002 a 21-year concession agreement under which Netcare undertook to upgrade two public hospitals and rent space to establish private hospitals within those facilities.

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NYSASDRI, Management of Primary Health Centers

The non-profit NGO NYSASDRI has been contracted by the state of Orissa to manage primary healthcare centers in Orissa. This Public-Private Partnership is intended to improve quality, accessibility, availability, and efficiency.

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Deen Dayal Chalit Aspatal (Mobile Units)

Deen Dayal Chalit Aspatal (or Deen Dayal Mobile Units) make health services accessible to disadvantaged populations in remote rural areas through Mobile Medical Units (MMUs).

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Karuna Trust

Established in 1986, Karuna Trust is a public charitable trust that has been implementing health and development programs through public private partnership in India for over two decades.

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Bangladesh Urban Primary Health Care Services Delivery Project

Beginning in 1998, UPHCSDP is a government run initiative that involves public private partnerships with national NGOs to improve the health status of the poor in 11 city corporations and 4 municipalities by providing an essential package of high-impact services. The project is now in its third phase, which will run until June 16th 2017.

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Ayushmati Scheme

In West Bengal only 49.27% of deliveries take place in health institutions, and there is an uneven distribution of public sector health care facilities. In order to provide adequate care, contracting with accredited private health care facilities was initiated in West Bengal.

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Arpana Swasthya Kendra

Arpana Swasthy Kendra is a partnership project of Arpana trust and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The MCD has authorized Arpana to run the health centre (Arpana Swasthya Kendra), as well as cover the World Bank IPP VIII Population Program.

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