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Centre Dushishoze

Centre Dushishoze (meaning “think about what you’re doing” in the local language) was the first center in Rwanda to provide young people with quality, affordable reproductive health services in an integrated and youth-friendly setting.

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HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Plantation Workers

Fearing the devastating effects HIV/AIDS may have on workers on its oil palm plantations, Unilever partnered with the Ghana Social Marketing Foundation (GSMF) to improve the company's existing HIV/AIDS workplace program.

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Mukhya Mantri Jiban Jyoti Bima Asoni Insurance

After a successful pilot year in 2005 to 2006, the Government of Assam has continued the implementation of Mukhya Mantri Jiban Jyoti Bima Asoni. This is a combined health insurance and personal accident insurance scheme for all citizens of the State of Assam on electoral lists.

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Surya Clinics

Janani started a social marketing and social franchise program called Surya that uses India's large private health sector network of practitioner and facilities to provide safe and low-cost options for family planning, health, and reproductive health services in rural areas.

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Magpi Mobile Health Data Collection

Magpi, formerly EpiSurveyor, is one of the largest and most heralded mHealth projects, developed by DataDyne, to enable public health and development professionals to create, share, and deploy health surveys and other forms on mobile devices.

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Sawai Man Singh Hospital - Radiology services

Radiology services comprising of high end diagnostics like CT Scan & MRI are provided in partnership with private providers in Sawai Man Singh Hospitals at a very low cost. The program is run under Public-Private Partnership(PPP). The private vendor is presently Soni Hospitals Pvt Ltd.

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Total Health Village

The Total Health Village is an innovative program that facilitates self-empowerment so that communities are able to solve their own problems.

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Sun Quality Health Network, Laos

The Sun Quality Health network is a fractional franchise that provides a variety of family planning/reproductive health and tuberculosis care services.

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Condom Social Marketing for Dual Protection: HIV Prevention and Family Planning in Cambodia

PSI/Cambodia and PSK's condom social marketing program ensures the promotion and distribution of affordable HIV and pregnancy prevention products at convenient locations throughout the country, using a total market approach that targets social marketing at most-at-risk populations.

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CAPDAN Microinsurance

Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), a membership scheme of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that sell or service computer hardware, mobile phones, software and ICT products, provides health insurance to its members in association with HMO Hygeia.

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Soft Power Health (SPH)

Soft Power Health provides malaria prevention and family planning education, primary health care and promotion of long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito and family planning products to rural communities in Eastern Uganda.

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DKT Thailand

DKT Thailand focuses on contraceptive use to manage population growth and protect against HIV/AIDs through dynamic social marketing.

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Telemed Medical Services

Telemed is an information communications technology company which designs products using existing infrastructure to improve healthcare delivery in Ethiopia.

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The program provides primary healthcare to remote Indian populations through the establishment of Rural Micro Health Centers (RMHC)in partnership with ICTPH. By providing a broad range of health services including cancer screenings, they can prevent medical emergencies.

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Linear Accelerator Centre for Radiation Oncology Treatment

Imagin Super Consultants Pvt. Ltd.(ISCPL) installed a linear accelerator (LINAC) device for radiation treatments for patients in the SMS Hospital in a public private partnership. The center treats the poorest patients at the lowest rates in the world & has treated more than 200,000 free patients.

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HHA - Reach Ethiopia

HHA - REACH Ethiopia partners with the Ministry of Health in the southern region of Ethiopia to provide innovative community based case finding and treatment of TB in rural settings. The program places an emphasis on providing treatment to the vulnerable, women, and those with limited access to care.

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The Plan.It Healthcare Network comprises OB/GYN specialists and generalists who consult patients. Pharmacies of the social franchising network are points of sale for short-term FP and medical abortion products. Pharmacies also provide referrals to franchise clinics for services.

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OK (formerly Sun Quality Health Network) in Nepal is managed by PSI/Nepal and is a family planning social franchise.

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Women's Health Program (Pehel)

PSI/India has been operational since 1988 and is one of the largest social marketing partners of the GoI. It currently promotes a range of branded health products, including IUDs, condoms, oral contraceptives (OCs), injectable contraceptives, medical abortion kits and emergency contraceptive pills,

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Huduma Poa Health Network

Huduma Poa Health Network is social franchise run by Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (K-MET) in 15 counties in Kenya. This franchise is run in partnership with Population Services Kenya Goldstar Network and the Kenyan Ministry of Health.

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Insta Products (EPZ), Ltd.

Insta Products EPZ Limited (Insta) is a well-established manufacturer located in Nairobi, Kenya. They specialize in manufacturing low-cost flour-based nutritional products for emergency feedings programs throughout East Africa and are in close collaboration with UNICEF, USAID, WFP, and other major humanitarian organizations.

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