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FHI 360 Cardiovascular Disease and HIV Integration

This pilot program offers cardiovascular disease screening to people who come into healthcare facilities for HIV prevention and treatment services.

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Leprosy Control Programme

The Leprosy Control Programme reaches out to the rural population with educational and awareness raising campaigns to reduce the stigmatisation of leprosy patients, while also identifying patients in rural areas and referring them to a health centres or hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

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Take Heart Association Project (THAP)

The project assists needy children with heart ailments to access surgery and other medical treatment, facilitating and coordinating medical support programs for the undeserved and marginalized families so as to restore health, hope and happiness.

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Matibabu Foundation-Kenya (MFK)

Beginning operations in Western Kenya in 2006, Matibabu Foundation-Kenya (MF-K) is a homegrown community initiative that strives to empower the rural, hard-to-reach and vulnerable communities to be responsible for their own health. The organization also strives to improve access to quality integrate

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Uhai is a Swahili word for "life". The project aims to improve the lives of marginalized populations in Kenya through health education and promotion, research, screening and referral.

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