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Informed Push Model (IPM)

The IPM is a distribution model that adapts principles used in commercial distribution to the public health sector. The IPM addresses common supply chain obstacles of transportation, quantification, data availability, and financial flows

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South African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (SABCOHA)

SABCOHA aims to co-ordinate a private sector response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It is a member-driven organisation with several large corporations, medium-sized enterprises and smaller companies, including service providers, joining forces in the private sector initiative to combat HIV/AIDS.

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Village Reach is a program that strengthens health systems in developing countries by supporting and improving the health services already in place with a focus on service infrastructure, logistics, and support to the community health workers.

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Mayer Hashi Project

The Mayer Hashi Project, supported by USAID, works to improve women's health by increasing awareness of and access to long-acting and permanent methods of family planning (LA/PMs), such as implants, IUDs, and male and female sterilization.

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cStock, a text message (SMS)-based, web accessible logistics management information system for community-level health products. By improving communication on stock levels, cStock facilitated decision-making throughout the supply chain and reduced transport time and costs

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