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Smartphone Thyroid Disease Management

Thyroid disease affects all ages, is very common, easy to diagnose with access to technology, and inexpensive to treat. We have developed a point-of-care smartphone based thyroid diagnosis and management system which uses an inexpensive TSH test and decision support algorithms to diagnose, recommen

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Medica Santa Carmen

Founded to provide effective, affordable and dignified care to patients with renal problems, the center offers different kidney-related therapies but focuses on kidney dialysis. The center’s medical team includes specialists in nephrology, pediatrics and adult transplants.

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Quinta Bonita

Quinta Bonita's mission is to improve access to high-quality mental health services for the underserved Mexican population through innovative, affordable and technology-based business solutions. The program offers virtual consultations via video calls.

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salaUno offers affordable and high quality eye care services to low and middle income populations in Mexico.

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ParaLife delivers microinsurance products and other financial protection to low-income populations and persons with disabilities. Through its platform and product suite, ParaLife provides turnkey, scalable solutions to financial and retail partners that want to reach the poor.

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PACE MD provides continuing medical education and training services to public and private medical care organizations in Mexico and Latin America. Our goal is to improve medical care and system efficiency in emergency situations from medical centers out to the last kilometer of the chain of survival.

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Medic Mobile

Medic Mobile is a free, scalable software toolkit that combines messaging, data collection, and analytics. It's designed specifically for health workers and health systems in hard-to-reach areas and supports any language. It works with or without internet connectivity, locally or in the cloud.

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Kangu has a big dream: every woman in the world has a safe birth. Kangu’s crowdfunding platform is designed to help put an end to preventable maternal & newborn deaths by enabling microdonors to support life-saving health services for pregnant women (mamas) & their babies in need, globally.

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