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PASMO Guatemala

PSI/Guatemala was founded in 1997 to improve prevention of HIV/AIDS using social marketing, as part of PASMO (Pan American Social Marketing Organization). Since then, PSI/PASMO Guatemala has added voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), youth HIV projects and family planning (FP) to its portfolio.

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PASMO Panama

PASMO/Panama began its operations in 2003 focusing their efforts on sexual health with an emphasis on preventing HIV and sexually transmitted infections, improving the availability of and access to products that promote health, and promoting healthy behaviors through the tools of social marketing.

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PASMO El Salvador

PSI/El Salvador, known locally as PASMO, was founded in 1998 to improve the situation of HIV/AIDS in most at high risk populations using social marketing strategies. Since it was founded, PSI/El Salvador has built strong bonds with local NGO’s and the Ministry of Health's National HIV/AIDS Program.

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Condom Social Marketing

The Society for Family Health, through its Condom Social Marketing program, produces, promotes and sells two condom brands in South Africa: Lovers' Plus and Trust. Lovers' Plus is an affordable, aspirational brand with three product lines.

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Sisterhood Exchange Program

The Sisterhood Exchange Program (SEP) seeks to improve the lives of rural women by connecting HIV+ women from different communities around the globe into one social support network.

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Men as Partners

Men as Partners includes a series of workshops, peer-education initiatives, and media outreach and challenges men's attitudes and behaviors that compromise their own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of women and children.

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HIV/AIDS Awareness, Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program

The RVCP HIV/AIDS Awareness, Reproductive Health and Family Planning Program aims to limit the spread of HIV/AIDS through education of the youth to raise their awareness about HIV/AIDS whilst fighting the stigma and discrimination that affect the people living with HIV and AIDS.

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