BIVE is a health insurance scheme which targets low income populations to make quality healthcare services more affordable and accessible.

Shastya Shebikas

The Shasthya Shebika (SS) Program is rooted in a gendered perspective, focusing on the need for female health workers in Bangladesh to address socio-cultural barriers to access to health care services.


Bolivia, Burundi, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Uganda
Kangu has a big dream: every woman in the world has a safe birth. Kangu’s crowdfunding platform is designed to help put an end to preventable maternal & newborn deaths by enabling microdonors to support life-saving health services for pregnant women (mamas) & their babies in need, globally.

Health Builders

Health Builders is a non-governmental organization that is dedicated to strengthening healthcare systems through management, infrastructure, and technology initiatives so that every person has access to high quality healthcare.

CycleTel Humsafar

CycleTel Humsafar, a family planning method directly on their phone. Based on the Standard Days Method (SDM), CycleTel Humsafar helps a woman identify which days during her menstrual cycle she is most likely to become pregnant and alerts her on fertile days.


The combination of decision support, SMS reminders and linking of health records has the potential to improve continuum of care for mothers and babies and improve quality of service delivery


Liberia, West Africa
The mHero platform allows health workers, government authorities, and other key stakeholders to engage in real-time, targeted communication via mobile phone two-way short message service (SMS),interactive voice response,and direct calls.


The ePartogram is a key component of a health systems approach to improving labor management practices and clinical care for laboring women and newborns.


cStock, a text message (SMS)-based, web accessible logistics management information system for community-level health products. By improving communication on stock levels, cStock facilitated decision-making throughout the supply chain and reduced transport time and costs

eLMIS Bangladesh

eLMIS that collects data on consumption and availability of FP commodities from all districts and sub-districts