DKT Nigeria

DKT Nigeria contributes to reaching new contraceptive users by providing a variety of options such as condoms, IUDs, oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, injectables and implants, using innovative social marketing.

DKT Pakistan

DKT Pakistan has identified and begun the steps necessary to reach Pakistani couples and the more than six million women (20.1% of married women of reproductive age) with an unmet need for contraception through Social Marketing and Social Franchising initiatives.

Janani, by DKT India

Janani is the largest private provider of clinical family planning services in India.


e-Analysis is a smart patients monitoring & analysing device which is used to collect vital information from patients through their phones with the help of a mobile application.The collected information is sent to a data centre for analysis & monitoring for unnoticeable & sudden changes.

PurpleSource Healthcare

PurpleSource Healthcare is a healthcare organisation with a mission to create sustainable, scalable healthcare solutions for the mass market in Nigeria. The objective is to improve value to patients by leveraging on economies of scale, quality improvement, standardisation, and technology.

Phelophepha Healthcare Train

South Africa
Phelophepa Healthcare train has 19 coaches, fully equipped to provide dental, eye and primary health care examinations and treatment which also includes cancer, diabetes and hypertension screening and education rotating throughout the country for 35 weeks.


Honduras, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Panama
Reliefwatch is a cloud based medical supply and disease tracking platform that uses automated voice calls and simple mobile phones. The system provides real-time data to reduce medical stock outs and expirations and the ability to track diseases so that an outbreak doesn’t become an epidemics.

Medical Diagnostech

South Africa
Medical Diagnostech is Cape Town based company that manufactures low cost quality diagnostic kits with high sensitivity and specificity for malaria, pregnancy and drug abuse. These devices are easy to use, affordable and accessible ideal for low income settings faced with malaria and drug abuse.

Breath of Life

Benin, Cambodia, East Timor, Ghana, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam
The program focuses on strengthening the quality of newborn care in low-resource settings.. By providing appropriate medical devices and staff training, ensures these facilities can save the lives of infants suffering from common and easily treatable newborn conditions.


Mexico, Panama
PACE MD provides continuing medical education and training services to public and private medical care organizations in Mexico and Latin America. Our goal is to improve medical care and system efficiency in emergency situations from medical centers out to the last kilometer of the chain of survival.