DKT Nigeria

DKT Nigeria contributes to reaching new contraceptive users by providing a variety of options such as condoms, IUDs, oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives, injectables and implants, using innovative social marketing.

DKT Pakistan

DKT Pakistan has identified and begun the steps necessary to reach Pakistani couples and the more than six million women (20.1% of married women of reproductive age) with an unmet need for contraception through Social Marketing and Social Franchising initiatives.

Biocon Foundation - Management of Malnutrition

Biocon Foundation, in partnership with the Government of Bagalkot, has built a robust scalable model to ensure that every child under 5 receives wholesome, adequate nutrition in her anganwadi and at home. Good and adequate nutrition can have life changing impact on the lives of millions of children.

Owethu Clinics

Owethu is a rural primary healthcare clinic deployed in rural communities. These mobile structures provide state of the art facilities and equipment funded by the Cipla Foundation. A range of healthcare services are provided in partnership with NGO's to serve poor communities at low cost.

Breath of Life

Benin, Cambodia, East Timor, Ghana, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam
The program focuses on strengthening the quality of newborn care in low-resource settings.. By providing appropriate medical devices and staff training, ensures these facilities can save the lives of infants suffering from common and easily treatable newborn conditions.

We're an international services, trading and distribution company, listed on the JSE, South Africa and operating on five continents.

Umthombo Youth Development Foundation

In South Africa, 43.6% of the population resides in rural areas and only 12%doctors and 19% of nurses work in rural areas. Umthombo Youth Development Foundation responds to the need for health professionals in rural areas whee there is dire need for doctors, nurses and other health professionals. Through collaborative efforts with the local hospitals Umthombo provides funding and mentoring for youth in rural areas studying towards a Health Sciences degree, following their training they return to their district hospitals to serve in their various professions.

The National Lottery supports a number of different organizations across South Africa that focus on a range of issues including disabilities, education and HIV/Aids among others.

Besides its support for community development, skills development and health, the Nedbank Foundation’s primary focus area of education is extensive, and ranges from early-childhood development to tertiary education. Nedbank sees education as its crucial area of investment, because it is sustained, quality education for all children that must drive South Africa’s future growth and development.