The combination of decision support, SMS reminders and linking of health records has the potential to improve continuum of care for mothers and babies and improve quality of service delivery


Liberia, West Africa
The mHero platform allows health workers, government authorities, and other key stakeholders to engage in real-time, targeted communication via mobile phone two-way short message service (SMS),interactive voice response,and direct calls.


The ePartogram is a key component of a health systems approach to improving labor management practices and clinical care for laboring women and newborns.


Ethiopia, India, Nigeria
OppiaMobile is an open source mobile learning platform for delivering learning content, video, and quizzes, specifically designed for-low resource environments with poor Internet connectivity


cStock, a text message (SMS)-based, web accessible logistics management information system for community-level health products. By improving communication on stock levels, cStock facilitated decision-making throughout the supply chain and reduced transport time and costs

eLMIS Bangladesh

eLMIS that collects data on consumption and availability of FP commodities from all districts and sub-districts

International Quality Short Messaging System (IQSMS)

IQSMS uses healthcare workers’ mobile phones to send preformatted commodity reports to a central server via SMS.

Informed Push Model (IPM)

The IPM is a distribution model that adapts principles used in commercial distribution to the public health sector. The IPM addresses common supply chain obstacles of transportation, quantification, data availability, and financial flows

Airtel Insurance with MicroEnsure

Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Zambia
Airtel rewards loyal customers (who registered for the product by dialing a shortcode) with free insurance as long as they spent a minimum amount of airtime (usually $2). The more a customer spent with the telecom, the more health insurance could be earned

Boticas Similares (BOSI)

BOSI is adapted from the TISA Guatemala model, and works to improve health by expanding access to essential medicines in rural Mexican communities. The network is managed by Farmacias Similares but stores are owned and operated by community residents who receive training, financing and support.