Children five or older


M-vaccine will enhance the accessibility of mandatory vaccines by tracking the vaccines undertaken and reminding patients when vaccines are due. The system will also help doctors identify vaccines taken in the case that this information is lost by the patients.

Society for Assistance to Hearing Impaired Children (SAHIC)

SAHIC runs mobile ear camps that focus on prevention, detection, and treatment of hearing impairments especially in children and also offer ENT (ear, nose, and throat) treatment. SAHIC also operates a hospital specializing in ENT and head and neck treatment/surgeries that serves all Bangldeshis.

The Initiative to End Child Malnutrition (IECM)

The IECM is designed to reduce child morbidity and mortality associated with malnutrition in Rukungiri District, Uganda. This is done through offering outpatient treatment for malnutrition.

Take Heart Association Project (THAP)

The project assists needy children with heart ailments to access surgery and other medical treatment, facilitating and coordinating medical support programs for the undeserved and marginalized families so as to restore health, hope and happiness.

Tabasamu Project

Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya
Tabasamu has a mission to provide free dental care, free dental education and preventative dental care to under served communities in the Anglican Diocese of Kitale in western Kenya and now Haiti. Tabasamu, is a dental outreach project comprised of volunteer dentists, hygienists, and others.

Healthy Child Uganda (HCU)

Healthy Child Uganda (HCU) is a community-based partnership that works with local citizens to identify and solve the problems that most impact their children’s health. HCU helps communities help themselves by delivering training programs and providing support services for young children.

Children's Health and Development in Kenya (CHADIK)

CHADIK works in collaboration with Gertrude's Children’s hospital to bring expert care and treatment through mobile clinics to mothers and children living in hard to reach areas of the Laikipia East District.

Kuraneza program

The Kuraneza (good growth) is a public-private program that is at its pilot stage. The program looks at ways of developing new policies that will emphasize community health, and early child development

Mama SASHA Project

The Sweet Potato Action for Security and Health in Africa (SASHA) project has the idea of encouraging mothers to get the health care they needed and increase consumption of the orange-fleshed sweet potato, a highly nutritional potato that promised to reduce under-nutrition in sub-Saharan Africa.

Integrated Malaria Control Program

The Integrated Malaria Control Program is collaborating with health management teams and three international private voluntary organizations (PVOS) to provide guidance, training and medications. The program seeks to reduce malarial infections amongst poor and marginalized populations.