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Chile, Colombia, Mexico
LentesPlus delivers contact lenses at 30% less than market rates and delivers within 1-2 days (especially in cities). LentesPlus also donates glasses to "children in need" for each box of contact lenses purchased.

Ubiquo Telemedicina

Ubiquo Telemedicina is a web platform that seeks to strengthen health linkages for patients, providers, and administrators. This organization also seeks to scale-up the use of telemedicine products to enhance the efficiency of diagnosis in hospitals.


1Doc3 is a free mobile app where anyone can post medical questions to doctors throughout Mexico 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.

Voy al Doc

Voy al Doc is a a online database of doctors that connect with patients who want their expertise. Doctors are given a free trial, and can continue to use the web platform to connect with patients for a fee. Voy al Doc helps connecting patients with specific needs to doctors who can meet them.

Ver de Verdad

Ver de Verdad aims to provide free eye consultations, reduced fee screenings, and low-cost glasses for low- to middle-income patients.

Salud Fácil

Salud Fácil aims to finance essential services, such as dental care, eye surgery, and C-sections for up to $2,000 USD. Salud Fácil pays providers, which is then financed by government programs.

Salud Cercana

Salud Cercana started as a targeted intervention program that focused on cardiovascular health, but has since expanded to become Mexico's first pre-paid primary health plan for low- and middle-income residents.


Bangladesh, Botswana, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, Uganda, United States
ClickMedix is a mobile social enterprise used throughout the world to connect patients and physicians quickly. ClickMedix aims to reduce wait time, enable access to affordable healthcare, and to facilitate health organizations for remote diagnoses.

Alivio Capital

Alivio Capital is a financing organization that provides options for low-income families to pay for medical expenses. Alivio Capital keeps their interest rates lower than other institutions so families do not go into debt.


Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Wild4Life started as an HIV/AIDS program in Zimbabwe, but has expanded to building rural health systems throughout sub-Saharan African countries. Piloting rural health clinics, monitoring health needs of rural populations and developing local partnerships has dramatically improved health outcomes.